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New as of August 2016 !

We are now offering -

You'll recognize this heavy duty material as that circus tents are made from.

Photos coming soon.

Vinyl top covers can be fabricated to fit all canopy frames and are available

at $1.00 per square foot option on our frames.  Other commercial tent fabricators offer covers in this material for $1.25 per square foot and they don't include the double-stitched 2" wide seat belt reinforcement around the perimeter.

Our pewter gray colored poly tarps have performed great over the years and typically last 3 years in the Florida sun, but we've received many requests for other colors, heavier materials and webbing reinforcement around the perimeter.

 Vinyl covers consist of the following:

  • High quality 18 oz UV resistant vinyl fabric
  • 2" seat-belt webbing double stitched around entire perimeter
  • Solid brass grommets on 18" centers
  • Heavy UV resistant polyester thread used in all stitching
  • Colors available at this time are BLACK,  BLUE, GRAY, RED, GREEN, TAN, and WHITE

Vinyl top covers are available at $1.00 per square foot.